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Have A Laugh Fridays – What Is Your Social Media ROI?

This is great!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!



Have A Laugh Fridays – The OuterNet

Love this!




Have A Laugh Fridays – Are You “Dead”? :-)

HALF Dilbert March 14 2

Have A Laugh Fridays – AWESOME “Bizcation”

I can’t get enough of this 30 second commercial!

See, being away on business can be relaxing and fun 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Have A Laugh Fridays – Kid President Pep Talk!

How have I not seen this? Kid President rocks!

Almost 32 million other people have viewed it.

I watched this twice with my wife and son last night.

It is very cool!

Have an incredible weekend and keep smilin’

Kid President says pass this pep talk along, and get the whole world to dance!

Have A Laugh Fridays – Gold Medal Cel-O-Bration!

After winning the gold medal in Skeleton at the 2010 Olympics, Jon Montgomery had an interesting celebration as a fan greeted him in the Olympic Village.

You know us Canadians, we work hard and play hard!

I mean, the guy went upwards of 90 miles per hour (145 kms per hour) head-first down an ice track, so he is entitled to a refreshment right?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Have A Laugh Fridays – Can’t We All Get Along?

Great video discussing the “differences” between sales and marketing!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Have A Laugh Fridays – My All Time Favourite!

Terry Tate gets me every time!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Have A Laugh Fridays Uh-Oh New Sales Comp Plan!

Under two minutes for a great laugh today! When compensation plans change, sometimes sales rep feels like they are being treated unfairly.

Check out this humorous take!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Have A Laugh Fridays – DON’T Do This On A Sales Call!

Enjoy these very valuable lessons on how NOT to conduct a sales call!

I thought this was fantastic.

Have a great weekend!