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Have a Laugh Fridays – “Office Linebacker”

“Terry Tate, Office Linebacker” was a Superbowl commercial in 2003.

Still one of my favourites.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!

Have A Laugh Fridays – My All Time Favourite!

Terry Tate gets me every time!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Have A Laugh Fridays – Everyone Needs A Vacation!

Everyone needs a vacation, even Terry Tate! You just know that you have to watch all 3 minutes.

Have a great weekend!

Have A Laugh Fridays – There Is Only One Terry Tate!

Since it is Super Bowl weekend, it seemed appropriate to post another Terry Tate, Office Linebacker video.

You can go ahead and draft new recruits, but there is only one original Terry Tate baby!

Who are you cheering for during the big game?

Have a great weekend.



Have A Laugh Fridays – Sensitivity Training

If you don’t know who Terry Tate is, you will after this 4 1/2 minute gem on sensitivity training!