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Have A Laugh Fridays – Happy Belated “Pie Day”!

Dave Fleming is a Corporate Comedian that I discovered last spring. This is one of two videos that I used for Have A Laugh Fridays at that time. One of these three clips talks about food in the office lunchroom. It is very funny.

I got thinking about food at the office because one of our employees brought in two pies yesterday. It was apparently “Pie Day”. I take all holidays very seriously so we were excited about the deserts. One problem – it was “Pi Day” and not “Pie Day”.

You know Pi…. the mathematical symbol for 3.14 …. and on and on it goes. Yesterday was March 14 (3-14) so I guess somebody was very clever with that one. I am sure lots of pie was still consumed though!

Enjoy your weekend!


Have A Laugh Fridays – There Is Only One Terry Tate!

Since it is Super Bowl weekend, it seemed appropriate to post another Terry Tate, Office Linebacker video.

You can go ahead and draft new recruits, but there is only one original Terry Tate baby!

Who are you cheering for during the big game?

Have a great weekend.


Have A Laugh Fridays – Time To Tweak Those Interview Skills?

My first instinct when I went searching for a Have A Laugh Friday content this week was to hunt for job interview videos.

I really hit a home run with this one, and it was the first video I watched last night!

This guy has some sort of “Zach Galifianakis/Jack Black thing” going on, and I absolutely loved it. The interviewer is priceless as well.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Have a great weekend.

Have A Laugh Fridays – Thinking About Leaving Your Office Cubicle?

Think again! Who knows what may happen.

Have  a great weekend.

Have A Laugh Fridays – Sensitivity Training

If you don’t know who Terry Tate is, you will after this 4 1/2 minute gem on sensitivity training!