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Living Your Dream? Ask One-Handed Pitcher Jim Abbott

I had some time to reflect as I washed the dishes over the weekend 🙂 I was thinking about living your dreams, and how anything is possible, no matter what the circumstances. My thoughts quickly turned to one-handed pitcher Jim Abbott.  If you followed baseball in the ’80’s and 90’s you will probably remember him. If you did not, the story still provides very valuable lessons.

Not convinced that you can do anything that you put your mind to? Take some time to watch this video and check out Jim’s website at

This is great sharing material! Have a fantastic week…


Have A Laugh Fridays – “But I Had A Reservation!”

My recent post on customer service inspired me to look for customer service related content for Have A Laugh Fridays this week. I hit a home run with this car rental gem!

As some of you know, I lived and breathed car rental for over two and a half years for my first job out of university. As I watched this I of course laughed, but I also had flashbacks to all of those irate customers over the years. Enjoy!

Powerful Message From Paul Castain – A Lesson From Your Remote

Paul Castain has been a tremendous influence on everything that I have accomplished online to date, and I wanted to share a recent video of his. Who knew that a remote control could provide so many lessons for us?

Paul is passionate about everything that he does, and is one of the best people that I have had the good fortune of coming in contact with over the past two years via social media. I highly recommend that you follow his body of work if you do not already.

His content can be found over at and you can connect with him in several different places including Twitter (@PaulCastain ).

Enjoy his message.

Have A Laugh Fridays – Strange Office Meeting

Occasionally office meetings can get a little weird!

Check out this hilarious Saturday Night Live Digital Short from a few years ago. The ending is a little “dramatic”.

Have A Laugh Fridays – Golf Boys PGA Music Video

This is so awesome! If you are a PGA golf fan, you will love this. If you don’t follow golf, I think this video will still make you laugh.

Bubba Watson, Ben Crane, Hunter Mahan & Rickie Fowler are four of the most well known golfers on the planet today. They did this for charity and to have some fun. So be sure to share. The more views this video gets, the more money goes to a worthwhile cause!

Oh yeah, not only is Bubba Watson in a “boy band”, he is now the Masters Champion to boot!

How To Increase Your Sales By Earning The Right – Video By Kelley Robertson

Kelley Robertson is somebody in the sales training space that I admire greatly, and is a fellow Canadian if I may add! In this video, he outlines four situations when you can earn the right to move the sales process forward or ask for the sale.

Kelley is very active on Twitter, and you can follow him at @FearlessSelling

He has an excellent blog which can be found at

Enjoy the video and be sure to connect with Kelley!

Jeffrey Gitomer Video – Positive Mental Attitude

It is easy to overlook our attitude and assume that we are as positive as we need to be. I came across this very popular Jeffrey Gitomer video recently and it provided me with some great insight. I hope it does the same for you. Take 5 minutes for a quick “attitude check”!