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TED Talk – Social Media And The End Of Gender!

I am so lucky that I have a TED Talks channel with my cable TV package at home!

I found Johanna Blakley’s TED Talk on “social media and the end of gender” very interesting when I watched last night.

I would like to know your thoughts on this intriguing topic.







And My Numbers Are…….

24136, 1784, 1109, 482, 310, 292

In other words..

24,136 blog views
1,784 Twitter followers
1,109 LinkedIn connections
482 blog followers
310 Facebook fan page “likes”
292 Google+ connections have me in their circles

I was hesitant at first to go public with some of these figures, but I wanted to prove a point. …

Anyone can do this!

I never thought I had the ability to write and make such deep meaningful connections online via social media. The most followers, connections, “likes” or blog views does not mean you win – not even close. I have not monetized anything yet, and I am fine with that. It will come with time. I am in the process of planning next steps and that is very exciting!

  • I grabbed a pen and started creating content less than 3 years ago. My blog is only in its 16th month
  • I became fully engaged on several popular social media sites two and a half years ago. And by fully engaged I mean doing much more than just broadcasting content! I listen to my network, comment every time somebody reaches out to me, and show up every day
  • Anyone can do this. If I can, you can too! But you have to fall in love with it to be able to commit the time. I promise you there are no shortcuts to success with this type of networking. The world does not owe you anything, remember that!
  • Be opportunistic. Block off time when you can; but even 5-15 minutes when time permits moves things forward. Also be opportunistic about content. Anything can become a blog post.  Just put it out there, you never know who might like it!

When I wrote down these numbers the other day I must admit I was quite proud! I have worked incredibly hard, and lost precious sleep especially with a new little one in our home, but every second of it has been well worth it.

Wanna know why?

When somebody takes the time to reach out and says how much the content has meant to them, that means everything to me!

I truly feel like I am just getting started. Thanks for coming along for the ride! Hang on this is going to be fun….

Lessons for Sellers from the Unsocial Media

Paul McCord from has an incredible post today discussing social media. If you don’t go about it the right way, connecting with somebody can become “unsocial” in a big hurry.

Enjoy his post at the link below:

Lessons for Sellers from the Unsocial Media.