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Fall Resolutions! 10-9-40 Starts NOW!


“I have fallen and can’t get up!” I have slipped with my weight and am not happy about it!

I am 10 lbs heavier then when I felt my best over the past 2-3 years.

I have been guilty recently of eating too many treats and not exercising enough.

My life is incredibly busy with two kids, a demanding job, starting an online business on the side, and a the rigours of day-to-day living.

This is not like when I travelled in Australia – I cannot expect to drink beer every day, carry a 50 pound backpack, walk everywhere and lose weight!

I need to step up my game. I turn 40 in just under 9 weeks and will lose 10 pounds. I have to suck it up and am looking forward to the challenge.

I will keep you posted with my progress!