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Sophie Gustafson’s Acceptance Speech – LPGA Award

When I came across this video last Sunday I stopped in my tracks. I had to watch it immediately. Sophie Gustafson has a severe stutter, and pre-recorded this video for an awards presentation for the Ladies Professional Golf Association recently. It is very difficult to put in to words how I felt while I was watching it, and after. I felt many emotions for Sophie during her speech, and after I was just plain proud of her. As some of you know, I have battled a stuttering issue all of my life, but NOTHING compared to what she had to endure.

She is an inspiration to anyone managing a speech issue, and an inspiration for anyone battling anything for that matter! It is easy to let our challenges stop us from doing what we really love to do, but Sophie has proven no matter how difficult things may be, you can still do everything you want to in life. Share this blog post however you like, but please take a moment today to share it!

Rick Reilly from wrote a wonderful piece on this story and you can check it out here: