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It’s My First “Blogiversary” Today!


I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of my blog over the past year. When I started this online journey, I had no idea how it was going to go. The first year has exceeded my wildest expectations, and the cool part is I am just warming up.

Every “like”, “share”, personal comment and phone call means the world to me. So let’s keep interacting, learning from each other in year two and beyond. I tweaked my first post below way back from January 23, 2012 if you have not read my bio and want to learn more about me!

If I could ask you to “share the good word” with others in your network that would be awesome. You can also connect with me at:

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My name is Tim Mushey, and those who know me well call me “Moosh”. I have decided to start this blog with a “Get to Know Me” post so you will be able to understand where the inspiration for this content came from!

I have loved to lead, motivate and inspire others for as long as I can remember. I have often been told that I have the gift of gab, and always have something to say. One of my groomsmen described me best to the guests at my wedding,

“All you have to do is say hi to Tim on the phone or in person, and next thing you know, you have all the updates on the latest TV shows, sporting events, bands and current events. Speaking to him is like flipping channels with a remote control.”

And he’s right! I’m passionate about many things in life – music, sports, my family, friends and work – and I love to share information with everyone! I believe that if I had not battled a stuttering problem all of my life, I would have a career in TV sports broadcasting in some capacity. I often envisioned myself as a sports anchor growing up!

As the son of two teachers, education has always been important to me. I achieved a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree at the age of 22, and with my first “real job”, was managing a car rental branch by the age of 24. I took a little break after two and a half years in that fast paced business to travel to Australia and New Zealand. I was nervous leaving my family and friends, but a good friend of mine quit his job to do the same thing a few months before, and I thought that was an incredible idea! I ended up travelling for over 7 months, and the experience was better than I could have ever imagined. I made many life long friends from all over the world on that journey, and even managed to squeeze in some work experience selling encyclopedias – true story!

When I returned home in 1999, my career path lead me to outside sales and I have never looked back. It did not matter if I was selling mattresses, credit reports, electrical products, corporate parking programs or photocopiers, there was one commonality – I loved to sell! I had an exciting opportunity to manage a team of 10 reps and support staff with about 40% coverage of Canada in 2007, but changes occurred simultaneously within the organization, and I ended up declining the offer. To this day, I think back to what might have been, but deep down I know I made the right decision for my career and family. Being a Sales Manager was my dream job for many years.

Throughout the years since I completed my degree, I’ve realized that university was just the beginning of my education. So much of my success in sales didn’t come from what I’d read in text books, it has come from what I have learned in the field. Each role, and each account specifically has challenged me to grow each day. I have a wealth of knowledge, tools & systems that I am eager to share with others in sales, and those considering it as their profession in the future.

The internet has provided me with the ability to broadcast all over the world now. If I had affected lives in my own communities over the course of my life, why could I not affect lives everywhere in the future? I have learned to manage my stutter, and even though I still have to work on it daily, I am now ready to get in front of the camera, feel confident, and once and for all lose the words “self-conscious” from my vocabulary!

I hope you enjoy this blog. It truly comes from the heart, and was an absolute pleasure being involved in all aspects of its creation and its ever-changing content going forward!


My First Sales Video Interview – Getting To Know Tim

This is an interview that I did with Michael Kroll from The Sales Effect in Edmonton, Canada last fall.

We discuss my sales career, my theories and strategies on selling and some of my networking via social media.

This is a great way to get to know me a bit, since many of us have not had a chance to chat in “real time” yet.


My Toastmasters Speech – Don’t Let Setbacks Change The Incredible You

In March of 2012, I entered the annual club contest for my Toastmasters Public Speaking group. It was a great experience, and I was runner up to a very worthy contestant. I actually had the presentation recorded that night, but  “technical difficulties” prevented  me from uploading it. I enjoyed the experience, and wanted to share it with you. So I recreated it from the comfort of my own home the next day.

We have all been through bumps in the roads in our lives, and the key to personal and professional success is how we fight through each setback, to still become who we really want to be.

Career Highlights – It’s Been a Fun Ride So Far!

It would be silly of me to request that you follow my blog and connect with me if I had not achieved a few cool things during my career! There have certainly been some ups and downs along the way, but the ups were fantastic, and I will never forget them.

I have highlighted my biggest accomplishments below:

#1 Youngest Branch Manager (24 years old) in the region’s history of a car rental company

#2 Achieved the sales incentive trip for 6 consecutive years while working with one organization. I typically exceeded budget by 10-30% annually. The achievement that I am most proud of with this organization was coming home from Christmas holidays one year to see a fax that I had qualified for the trip, by beating my budget by less than 1%. That felt AWESOME!

  • Business in the territory doubled from $3.2 million to $6.4 million over the course of nearly 7 years
  • As mentioned in my first post, this was the role where I was offered my dream job at the time, to be the Sales Manager responsible for $40 million in sales and managing 10 associates. It was not meant to be though, as a management shuffle and new ownership steered my career in a different direction. I moved on

#3 Achieved 2nd highest sales volume and 4th highest percentage to budget (out of 20 reps) in the first year in the field for another role

  •  The highlight of nearly 2 years with this organization was being the top rep out of 100+ associates for a North American wide promotion. As a side note, I outsold the entire Canadian sales force!

#4 For my first new business acquisition focused role, I exceeded budget in 3 of my first 5 months on the road. I proceeded to achieve the quarterly bonus for the third quarter that year.

  • I was the number one rep on the team for the first five months of the fiscal year (months 4-8 during my employment)

Success in any role is critical, and I have certainly had my share during my career. I did not want this post to become a brag book, more of a summary to let you know that my systems, philosophies and processes have resulted in accomplishments that I am very proud of. The rollercoaster of emotions, and the always cliché “blood, sweat & tears” have made it all worthwhile!