The Five Star 5 – Lessons I’ve Learned From My Sons

I was looking through old “Five Star 5” posts last night, and this one caught my attention. As many of you know, I now have two sons, and this message is more powerful as I watch both of them grow and develop each day!

I was looking for an old picture on my computer recently, and ended up spending an hour watching old videos of my son. Wow time flies by! It seems like only yesterday he uttered his first word, took his first step, and spent his first day at pre-school! Now my soon to be six-year-old is off to grade 1 in a little over a  month.

Sometimes we get so focused on raising them and just getting through the day, we forget how much they are developing at this young age and shaping who they will become in the future. There are lessons that we can all learn from kids, when we take the time to really watch what they are doing.

Here are five lessons that I have learned along the way from my best bud!

  • Smile and laugh when possible
  • Always be asking questions and trying new things
  • Don’t get frustrated when things don’t go your way
  • Try to do a good job at whatever you are doing, but don’t worry about being perfect
  • Be silly sometimes, it is ok!

And a bonus lesson…..

  • Be a good friend

About Tim Mushey

Dynamic and energized sales rep, mentor and leader since 1999. This blog will be about sales, social networking, personal branding, leadership, music and having some laughs! Don’t be surprised if I mix it up on occasion, and talk about something totally different! I thrive on being part of successful, forward thinking teams. I am ready to go from the moment my feet hit the floor each morning, with the expectation that new adventures will be coming my way. It is rare that there isn't a smile on my face, as I take it all in, and have some fun along the way!

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  1. Tim – Well said. Lessons we all need to remember every day.

    I often learn as much about myself while raising kids, as I hope they learn from me.

    Life lessons are there every day. Thanks for spelling out some of them.


    • Hey you are welcome Douglas! Kids can certainly teach you a lot, can’t they? I get inspiration from my little guy all the time. Thanks again for stopping by..

  2. Great post Tim,

    We can learn so much from our children. My daughter (who just turned 18! GASP) reminds me every day to be who you are. Every once in a while I do admit to wishing she walked the “beaten” path just a bit more and then I remind myself that it is her courage to be herself that makes her the amazing young woman she is today. And my son (20! Yikes) … the twinkle in his eye that reminds me so much of his grandpa is a reminder not to take life too seriously. Find the joy, find the humour.

    BTW … I miss the days when a walk down the block meant stopping to look at every flower, every cool looking stone and every funny bug. I don’t see as much anymore. I think tonight, I am going to go on one of those walks again and let the child in me free.

  3. Thanks for the great post. My boys have taught me so much about leadership and life. I have one who thinks outside the box all the time – I’m still not sure he even knows there is a box and he’s off to college in a few weeks. The other one is so methodical in his approach to things it’s amazing to see him work through a problem from start to end.

    Have a great day! Cherish those moments with your son – time really does fly with kids.

    • Hey Carol! Isn’t it interesting how they can be so different but so similar in many respects? My wife is pregnant with our second child, and I am very curious to see what they will be like. I know the time flies by so quickly. I pulled up those videos yesterday and I could not believe how quickly the time flies by. Thanks again…

  4. To coin that much-coined cliche: it’s all about being present 🙂

  5. Hi Tim, great lessons, let’s not forget them! Enjoy your bud, time flys so fast…

    • Thanks Tina I will not forget them. Oh I will keep enjoying “my bud” every day! I tried to make “time stand still” for a bit today. I posted that he was going in to kindergarten, then my sister emailed and said “Isn’t he going in to grade 1?”

      “Edit – Update” on WordPress 🙂

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