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Fantastic TEDx Talk – “Got Grit?”

I can’t stop thinking about this video, and have watched it several times over the last week. I love Angela’s take on this important topic.

Her analysis reminds me of how I played sports in my youth – never the most talented, but what I lacked in raw skill I more than made up for in effort, determination and heart. Those attributes brought me success at times when otherwise it would not have.

Thankfully I have carried “grit” in to my business career and created a “never give up” and “keep moving forward” mindset, no matter what the odds against me were.



Mel Robbins Presentation – Stop Screwing Yourself Over

I originally posted this Mel Robbins video late in February, and have thought about it a lot lately.

This 21 minute presentation blew me away the first time I saw it! She drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want.

Put your phone on mute, close your email and enjoy the message today at lunch, or at home one night as soon as you can.  It will be the best 21 minutes you spend all week and I hope it will change your day, week, year and beyond!

You can also check out her website at: