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Tina has been an incredible contributor to my blog, and I wanted to take a moment to share one of her recent posts. She is insightful, forward thinking, and a joy to connect with on a regular basis. This post focuses on great teams, and the best part of it is she received feedback directly from her team members!
Thanks again Tina for your amazing support.
And to my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day!

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

iStock_000000520734Small Be Great…great is contagious.  Ask your team, are we great?  If so, what makes us great?  If not, why not?  Great or not great, how can we improve?

These are excellent questions that need to continually be posed to our team on a regular basis so we can continue to improve on the service we deliver everyday to our customers.

Each team player is different, but as long as we have the same common goal our differences can work together to accomplish great things.

Each player needs to be held accountable for keeping the standards of the practice/business at top priority.  If someone falls below, it needs to be dealt with sooner than later or the effect on the rest of the team can be damaging.

It takes a lot work to keep a team healthy.  Teams also need play time to keep it healthy and happy and allow for…

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