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Saturday Music Memories – This Is Where It Is At!

Def Leppard is one of my favourite classic rock bands. Many of my favourite songs are NOT the hits! But this one is, and the live acoustic version is a beauty!

Have a wonderful Saturday….

Saturday Music Memories – Oasis Wonderwall

I was driving to a sales call on Thursday and I heard a very rare acoustic version of Wonderwall by Oasis. The cool part of this version is Noel Gallagher (typically the guitar playing brother), and not Liam (typically the vocalist) sings it. It has been my favourite version of this 90’s classic for many years.

My thoughts quickly turned to a night at a pub in a Sydney, Australia and a performer playing this song acoustically on a small stage in 1998. I remember how much I enjoyed it, and at that moment realized how lucky I was to be “down under” enjoying their summer, while it was the dead of winter back in Winnipeg,  Canada!

I have never found that exact version of Noel singing Wonderwall, but here is the next best thing.

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!