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When Will You “Cash In” Your “Personal Lottery Win?”

The national lottery in Canada was an astonishing $100 million in October 2012. I buy tickets from time to time, but 6-8 times per year is usually my maximum. My “big win” was sharing $300 with my parents and in-laws a few years ago. It was fun to walk in the door and throw all the money in the air like I had really won big time!

The good part of playing the lottery for myself is that it is only for fun. I am not expecting to win anything, and if I happen to win a little something (like a free ticket last week) then bonus.

I heard a comment on an audio interview two years ago from internet marketing sensation Eben Pagan. It has resonated for me most days since. Many people are waiting for that ONE PAYDAY. That one day during their life that they cash in and do not have to do anything for the rest of their days.

Examples include a lottery win, a legal settlement or an inheritance. In terms of lotteries specifically, what realistically are your chances of ever cashing in on a major win in a country like Canada, or the infamous Powerball in the USA? Heck, lotteries happen all over the world, it could happen anywhere.

I interpreted Eben’s comments as most people are just waiting, hoping – banking on that one great payday that will change their lives forever. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but it will not happen for most of us! EVER.

What about a “personal lottery win?” I don’t mean the millions of dollars that could be won on a national lottery. I mean the extra $500, $1000, or even $2000+ that you could make supplementing your current income?

Imagine how your life would change month after month, year after year if you had some extra money flowing in to your household? To me, that is a “personal lottery win”. You would not be waiting anymore. Rather making changes as soon as possible to take fate in to your hands, and not relying on colored balls in a machine to shape your future.

The internet has an incredible amount of resources that can help you to find areas that you may like to focus on for reoccurring streams of income. People are doing it every day, and those that do very well, end up doing it full-time. The amount of get rich quick schemes out there is astonishing, but if you ever want to know who the quality resources are (so you don’t have to waste your time), send me an email at:

I will let you know who “my guys” are. This group of people have the best content available to help you evaluate ideas about additional income streams.


Could You Be More Focused?

Eben Pagan is one of my true inspirations from the internet marketing space. I could listen to him speak all day!

A couple of years ago he launched a program called “Wake Up Productive”, and some short videos are posted on YouTube. I absolutely love the message in this series, and I have included his video on “Focus” for your viewing pleasure today. 

It is only a little over 3 minutes long if you skip the promotion of the series at the beginning and end.

If  you would like to see the series of videos, click this link to the “Wake Up Productive” channel on YouTube.

Have a great day!