12 Tips To Cope With Travel Stress!

It has been a while since I have had a guest post on Sell Lead Succeed, but I am very excited to introduce Robyn Davis today. I have followed Robyn’s awesome content on trade shows and marketing strategies for well over two years now, and love what she is doing.

Many people can relate to the stress of business travel, as they leave the comforts of home, and still need to perform their roles at a high level.

In this post, Robyn outlines 12 tips to cope with the most common causes of travel stress.

Just click on the link below and enjoy!


Trade show expert, Robyn Davis of When I Need Help (WINH), advises executives and their teams on the specific trade show sales and marketing strategies that they need to generate more quality leads, strengthen relationships with key industry contacts, and make money while exhibiting.  Contact Robyn at info@whenineedhelp.com or visit her free resource website, www.HowToTradeShow.com, for more information and advice.



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  1. Thanks for sharing my article, Tim – I’m honored to be on Sell Lead Succeed!

  2. Hi Tim, travel tips are great. I have done a lot of traveling lately and can be very wearing on your mind and physical body. I am glad I decided to take a couple of months off from leaving my home town to re-coupe. Take care and thank you for the good article

    • You are welcome Tina! Sometimes it is nice to stay close to home for a while isn’t it? Have a wonderful weekend, and Christmas ahead!

    • Hi Tina,

      Thanks for your positive comments! As you said, travel can not only be stressful but can challenge your healthy habits too… I hope this is okay with Tim, but here’s another article to help once you get back on the road: http://bit.ly/oXAFsp (it’s called “No (Travel) Excuses – Be Healthy” and offers easy tips to stay fit and feel good while traveling)…

      Enjoy the rest of your break and your time at home!

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