Taking Chances And A Fool’s Eye View!

I am a firm believer that you have to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good. Whatever the case me be, I am very fortunate that Broc Edwards has come in to my life.

I love reading his blog:


A Fool’s Eye View of  Human Resources” is a breath of fresh air in a profession that can sometimes lack “jam”. He has a new book out called “What Thinks You?” which I am just loving! It is a collection of his best blog posts.

Check it out at:  http://amzn.to/17a3BRk

Before I got in to the meat of the book, I stopped in my tracks at the foreword. Check out this fantastic piece of writing by Joe Gerstandt titled “Taking Chances”.

jump in, just jump in, just jump.

moving forward,

leaning forward.

Forward Momentum.

always off balance.

carried forward,

never quite falling, but failing


and failing often.

on the verge,

in flux,

something other than


open door.



risk and reward

dance hand in hand.

Choose something.

Chase something.

Lean forward.

feel the thrill in your throat,

feel the electricity in your belly.

step away from what you know,

and dance.

be exposed, be known.

yes there are consequences,

always consequences

when you provoke the future

– Joe Gerstandt


I wanted you start the week with a powerful message. Hope this did the trick. Please connect with Broc and Joe and check out Broc’s book. It will be well worth your time.

Have a fantastic week!


About Tim Mushey

Dynamic and energized sales rep, mentor and leader since 1999. This blog will be about sales, social networking, personal branding, leadership, music and having some laughs! Don’t be surprised if I mix it up on occasion, and talk about something totally different! I thrive on being part of successful, forward thinking teams. I am ready to go from the moment my feet hit the floor each morning, with the expectation that new adventures will be coming my way. It is rare that there isn't a smile on my face, as I take it all in, and have some fun along the way!

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  1. Tim, I really appreciate the shout out and glad you’re enjoying the book. I agree – Joe’s poem is amazing and I was thrilled and honored he agreed to contribute it. Joe and Jason Lauritsen wrote a book on networking called “Social Gravity”. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get past the superficial and into the power of high quality relationships.

  2. Thanks Tim for the lead on the book. I will check it out. Have a great Monday evening. How is that family of ours doing?


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