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Just an awesome read this morning via Doug Dickerson’s blog! I had not heard of this story yet, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it today. Have an awesome Sunday…

Doug Dickerson on Leadership

A good measure of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better. – Jim Rohn

Chronicled in countless newspapers across the country including ESPN, we were all inspired by the recent act of kindness of high school junior Meghan Vogel. At the recent Division III girls state track meet at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, a high school junior by the name of Meghan Vogel captured the hearts thousands around the country.

In the finals Meghan had won the girls 1,600 meters race. In a personal best, she posted a time of 4:58:31, the first time she had broken the five minute mark.  After an awards ceremony Meghan had time to take a short break to rest and get ready for the 3,200 in which she was seeded seventh.

Three laps into the…

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