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Saturday Music Memories – American Woman and My Hometown

I am from Winnipeg, Canada and love where I grew up. Every time I hear this week’s “Saturday Music Memory” I just feel darn proud!

Many people don’t realize that Winnipeg was a music factory in the 70’s, and has continued to put out great acts over the years. Do you remember that classic rock gem called American Woman? The Guess Who put Winnipeg on the map in 1970 when this song reached number 1!

You may recognize the names of Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman specifically. I have attached The Guess Who’s Wikipedia page for more information.

Their history of success, break-ups, reunions, and changes are quite remarkable.

Burton Cummings has had a very successful solo career, while Randy Bachman went on to form BTO (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) in the mid 70’s. They had many hits, including the very popular “Taking Care of Business”.

But these boys have always been better together than apart in my opinion.  I have attached a live 9+ minute jam of American Woman from Burton Cummings’ YouTube Channel.

The legendary Neil Young is also from Winnipeg, among others. I included a link highlighting a history of music in my hometown!

Enjoy this video and history lesson of music in my hometown!


Saturday Music Memories – Pearl Jam’s Incredible Show!

The date was August 14, 1993 and I was at a music festival in my mom’s home town of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada.

Pearl Jam was still riding on the coattails of their successful debut “10”.

25,000+ jammed in to a muddy field to witness an incredible performance.

I was with some of my best friends and the weekend was excellent thanks to Pearl Jam!

They played this song for sure!