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Saturday Music Memories – Barracuda Cover AWESOME!

I was searching for Alice In Chains content for today’s Saturday Music Memories and stumbled across this beauty of a live cover!

Gretchen Wilson burst on to the country scene in 2004 with her smash hit “Red Neck Woman” and really changed the landscape of country-rock.

This tribute to Heart with Alice In Chains is absolutely incredible! Nancy Wilson is playing guitar on this great version of  Barracuda!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Saturday Music Memories – Incredible Young Drummer!

When I first heard Casey Cooper drum, I was blown away! I love the enthusiasm and passion for his craft. His talent is second to none at the young age of 21.

In this video, he covers Nirvana’s “In Bloom”.

Want more? Of course you do. You can connect with him in the following places below:

YouTube –


What the heck, how ’bout Twitter too:

Saturday Music Memories – FANTASTIC Cover…

I was finishing high school in the early 90’s when grunge exploded. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains hit the music scene and caused quite a stir. They are still some of my favourite bands today!

I have always been a huge fan of Alice In Chains and was saddened by the loss of their lead singer Layne Staley many years ago.

The band has reunited with a new singer, and is sounding fantastic once again.

I stumbled across this acoustic gem of Nutshell by Monicka Hove many months ago and listen to it often. Her voice is very memorable and I think she does a remarkable job.

You can check out her music at: or

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Music Memories – Time For A Cover Song!


I stumbled across a new website recently and am really enjoying it! provides up and coming artists a forum to display their talents via covers of popular songs.

Ryan Malcolm from Low Level Flight does an excellent job of Flo Rida’s “Whistle”.

Enjoy and have an awesome Saturday!