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Have A Laugh Fridays – He’s Interviewing Me???

Expect the unexpected when you show up for a job interview!

Considering how structured and boring some interviews tend to be, this would have been rather entertaining!

Have a great weekend everyone…


I “met” Mark online a couple of months back, and have been enjoying his blog ever since. Turns out we “travel in some of the same circles” online in the sales space!

I really enjoyed this post about educating during the sales process. Often, people forget this critical step.

Thanks Mark!

Mark McCarthy's Blog


Educate.  It’s part of the sales process many can’t get used to.

But sales people have to do it.

Sure there’s lot of  buzz and research about how prospects do all this learning  online about a business before they even get to a sales person.  I’ve preached that research before myself.  But I’m not buying that it is entirely true hook, line and sinker any more. 

I keep hearing prospects confused, unsure or frustrated about certain services or products.  I keep hearing prospects so busy at work and so inundated with messaging and marketing- they don’t have time to research and learn. 

If you are a company selling somewhat abstract  services like money management, digital marketing, brand development, risk avoidance, sales training, marketing solutions and the list goes on – you have to understand that many prospects just really…don’t understand. 

These prospects aren’t going to shout this…

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