Which “Version” of You Do You Want To Be?

If you have ever been in a funk during your career (especially now) you need to take a couple of minutes and read this.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Think back to a time when everything was clicking with your current role. Reflect on why things were going so well, and what you were doing specifically (and how you were feeling) to make it all happen.

It is my experience that when people are confident, have a positive attitude and a bounce in their step, everything falls in to place over time. As I write this line, I think back to how great I feel when I am “on my game” while golfing! Dr. Bob Rotella has some incredible content on the mental side of golf. I see many parallels with the psychology of sales, and will continue to explore the similarities down the road.

I worked with a retailer in the past that put heavy emphasis on employees closing the sale with the first customer who walked through the door each morning. Why? Because that put them in a great mindset for the rest of the day. On a larger scale, if you make half of your sales quota in the first week of the month the pressure is off, and you can get to work and sell more comfortably for the next three weeks.

To be clear, relaxed does not mean taking it easy. More that you don’t feel the pressure of every sales call or every retail customer having to result in a sale immediately.

Many little things can throw us off and put us in to a funk for long periods of time. Remember when you did poorly on an exam or test in school? Did that make you a bad student? Of course not. I drew a total blank during one exam and failed the course.

That one blemish did not make me a bad student, but it certainly toughened me up, and I made darn sure that it did not happen again! The key is to shrug off those setbacks as soon as possible, and get back to your reality of success.

I wanted you to reflect on being in an awesome place with your role because you deserve to “return there” as soon as possible. I have wrestled with “self-doubt” demons several times during my career and felt that my current existence was just the way that things were going to be forever. Thankfully I would always snap out of it.

I am very respectful that the economy and other things out of our control can certainly affect our mindset and general demeanor for extended periods of time. But when every setback moves you further and further from your goals, job satisfaction and ultimately overall happiness, the negative spiral can be catastrophic!

If you need to hit “reset” with your current role …..

Splash some cold water on your face, take a good look in the mirror, and become that “you” that you really want to be again. You deserve it!

  • Are you at the top of your game with your current role?
  • Like a golf swing, are you “feeling it” now?
  • If not, what changes can you make as soon as possible to get back to the best “version” of yourself?

About Tim Mushey

Dynamic and energized sales rep, mentor and leader since 1999. This blog will be about sales, social networking, personal branding, leadership, music and having some laughs! Don’t be surprised if I mix it up on occasion, and talk about something totally different! I thrive on being part of successful, forward thinking teams. I am ready to go from the moment my feet hit the floor each morning, with the expectation that new adventures will be coming my way. It is rare that there isn't a smile on my face, as I take it all in, and have some fun along the way!

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  1. I find that sometimes just putting my “game face” on helps. Even if I’m not feeling it, acting like I do eventually makes it true. I also feed on the energy of others, so making the choice to surround myself with postive people, helps me reset.

    • Hi Laurie! I really appreciate the comments! Putting the “game face” on certainly helps. Feeding off the energy of others is a great strategy as well. Thanks again…

  2. Tim, something that really clicked for me several years ago was the idea of focusing on purpose vs. outcome. I’m in leadership development, not sales but I suspect the lessons are the same. Focusing on every person having a life changing session doesn’t work because each person’s reaction is really beyond my control. But when I focus on being at my best – relaxed, confident, enthusiastic, I’m, ironically, more likely to relax, be a much more effective trainer, and get a better outcome.

    In the sports world, I don’t golf, but I mountain bike. Focusing on my best time ever usually makes me ride stiff and I’m more likely to make mistakes. Focusing on being smooth, learning, and having fun greatly increases the likelihood of a quick time.

    • Hey Broc! What a wonderful assessment of this post! I really appreciate your perspective as always.

      I loved the “relaxed, confident & enthusiastic” angle. Plus “smooth, learning & having fun”. Those types of mindsets will make all the difference in the world.

      Great stuff, thanks again!

  3. “Fake it until you make it.” There are many pop psychology tips and tricks to gaining forward momentum, overcoming fear, etc., but at the end of the day I think it really comes down to fortitude.

  4. Wow! Great blog post! Keep them coming!

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