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Training Camp Speech – Tom Renney, Edmonton Oilers Hockey Coach

For those of you who do not already know, I am a hockey fanatic! I have loved the sport since I went to my first NHL game in 1979. I not only watch it on TV and live at arenas; I have played most of my life. Now I am enjoying coaching my 5 year old son as well.

There are many parallels between sports and business, and I absolutely love this training camp speech given by Tom Renney of the Edmonton Oilers to all of the hopefuls in 2011. Take it at face value in the context of sports, but also think specifically about sales, leadership and business in general. I have included the main part of his conversation with the players below:

“What could the obstacles be for our own success?

  • If you are not willing to sacrifice
  • If you are not willing to put yourself out there
  • If you are not willing to lose a bit of yourself in order to make this team better, in order to help all of us win

If your expectations are just to go out and do your best. If you think good enough is good enough, then quite honestly you won’t be here. This is a process now where you are not just sitting on top of the stove, the element has been turned on. There is nothing like winning, and there is nothing like doing something together that nobody thought you could do.

Pay attention to why you are here. This is not just good enough anymore.

You are here to make a statement on behalf of the Edmonton Oilers. If you want to be a champion, take a championship attitude to your game every day, in no matter what you are doing, and we will be fine.

Hold your self accountable, and be ready to go to work.” – Tom Renney, Edmonton Oilers head coach via the Oil Change TV series

I have also seen this phrase in their dressing room several times and just love it,

“Relentless Together”

Doug Gilmour, NHL Hall of Famer, has a saying that I have been thinking about a lot over the past few months,

“A man shows what he is by what he does with what he has”

Being part of any team is a special experience.

Are you performing your assigned role with 100% effort?

If not, time to step up your game!